Brazilian Cement Market – By Bill Barraugh, President of Bricking Solutions

I just returned from a visit to Brazil with the purpose of updating or reviewing our efforts to break into the Brazilian Cement market with Bricking Solutions services and products. I found that the Brazilian market has many similarities and some differences to other country’s Cement markets.

One similarity is that in a maturing market it is hard for the refractory installers to give up old methods of installation. The resistance to change is a universal human characteristic. Any attempt to educate or suggest new or alternative installation equipment or methods is taken as an insult or an affront to the person or company utilizing older methods.
The key is to find a forward thinking or risk taking person or company to lead the way. Once this person or company experiences success the word will spread fast and others will adapt in order to stay competitive.
Our approach then is to educate and to find that person in a decision making position or forward thinking company that will adopt our methods and lead the industry to a more modern philosophy and installation practices in a particular market.

As one of our commissioning contractors (Anders Karlgren) once said – “Over the past 30 years the cement industry has made great strides toward modernization. From modern computerized control rooms, kiln scanners, robotic filled cement bags, pollution control, etc., but the modernization comes to a screeching halt at the hood door.” With our persistent communication through presentations and educational seminars, not to mention case studies (and benchmarking) and the help of qualified and quality partners and agents we can change this.