Brick Management with a Port-A-Trac

This innovative brick transfer system is a supportive component adding efficiency, less worker fatigue, and improved brick management to the modern pneumatic bricking machine.  This smaller supportive component was designed a decade ago with the sole purpose of feeding brick to bedding and mason crews while utilizing only a maximum of two workers so brick management didn’t interfere with brick installation.

In 30 minutes a Port-A-Trac can be installed in a kiln reaching under the bricking machine to the bedding crew.  With a dedicated fork lift operator and one laborer a 4,000 lbs pallet of brick can be pulled up kiln by an electric power winch to the bedding crew to keep production moving swiftly.  Utilizing this procedure optimizes your manpower by allowing 5 of the 7 crew originally passing brick one by one to move onto more important jobs within the kiln. So many times have I heard project managers scrambling to put guys on different jobs to meet schedule deadlines, which usually meant the first highly trained crew members, would be pulled onto another job.   While less trained crew members were left operating the bricking machine causing inconsistency in the installation job. And if you are already short handed thanks to layoffs necessary in our current economy, this only leads to longer work days, overtime, and worker fatigue.
The most beneficial aspect of utilizing a Port-a-Trac is the reduction of brick handling, which adds up to less brick damage increasing brick life.  Moving brick one by one on to a roller conveyor and than staging the brick for bedding and bricking crews doubles brick handling, which decreases brick life enormously.  Not to mention the wear and tear on the backs, necks, and shoulders of those handling the brick.  Then you’ve added worker fatigue and injury to your list of delays.  Optimization just flew out the window.

With a Port-A-Trac, 2 men can easily push a 4,000 LB pallet of brick up the kiln and under a Bricking Machine

Increase speed of refractory installation

Decrease worker fatigue

Accommodates multiple transfer carts along the same track, each capable of holding 4,000 LBS

Optional power winch available

Brake system to hold carts anywhere on track

Build to any length – modular aluminum track comes in 3 meter and 1.5 meter sections