Bricking Machine Evaluation

Important questions about your machine to consider when doing your time line or chart for an outage are:

  • Does the manufacturer provide after sales service?
  • Is training or commissioning of your new/old equipment available?
  • Are there safety upgrades available for your older equipment?
  • What if there is an emergency during an outage?
  • Do you have a name and phone number available to call for assistance?

When a trained and experienced technician is available to walk you through the equipment, coupled with assembly manuals and maintenance manuals, you can be certain you’ll be in good hands.Outages can be very costly, especially if your equipment is not ready to use. Bricking Solutions supports everything we manufacture to ensure equipment will give you the best performance each and every outage.The support system starts with an inspection and ends with training and lives on through perpetual support; which puts you back in charge, saving time and money by being prepared and familiar with your equipment in advance of your upcoming outage.This eliminates problems that are often overlooked due to time constraints, emergency shut downs, or personnel changes. 

Bricking Machine EvaluationA Bricking Machine Evaluation allows our technician to inspect and evaluate your equipment. The evaluation will help to identify potential problems with the equipment as well as re-educating plant personnel, or contractors, on the proper maintenance procedures and storage.  A safety inspection of all frames, decking, and arches will help determine wear and fitness of welds and other components.  While on site, we can address possible safety upgrades to improve your equipment or help you justify newer equipment if necessary.  A discussion of safe operations and maintenance of the machine will conclude with dis-assembly and proper storage techniques.
Our goal is to provide your personnel with the knowledge and training to safely assemble and maintain your Bricking Solutions equipment. A formal report will be sent with all the recommendations and proposed fixes for your records.

Refractory Installation Equipment

  • Ensure Bricking Solutions’ customers achieve the optimum usefulness of their Refractory Installation Equipment at all times.
  • Ensure your equipment is in good working order and free from defects prior to or just after your outage.
  • Train plant personnel, or contractors, in general maintenance, safety and storage procedures.



Outline of a Level 3 Service

With assistance from two plant personnel
SCOPE:  With two plant personnel, set up the bricking machine and perform the evaluation with repairs and a Non Destructive Test test on the welds.   We will advise you on any major structural repairs that arise during evaluation.
  1. Supervise the assembly of arches & components.
  2. Inspect safety shut off & machine check valve, lubricator & filter system. Repair or replace as necessary.
  3. Verify spacer assemblies are functioning correctly. Repair or replace any faulty spacers.
  4. Hook air to machine/locate and fix all air leaks.
  5. Adjust machine air pressure to recommended setting.
  6. Replace non-repairable cylinders.
  7. Verify correct lubricator setting/adjust if required.
  8. Using bleeders drain all waste from arches.
  9. Inspect all assembly hardware. Replace as necessary
  10. Inspect-frames, casters & brakes, planking, fall protection, lights, etc. Repair or replace as necessary.
  11. Review all color coding and labeling.
  12. Non destructive Test on the welds.
set up the bricking machine and perform the evaluation