Bricking Solutions Port-A-Trac Delivery System for material handling within two 3.5m x 60m Acid Bake Kilns


Equipment: Port-A-Trac
Description: The Port-a-Trac is a light-weight, aluminum, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick into small kilns where forklift access is limited.
Location: Lynas Advanced Minerals Plant, Gebeng, Malaysia

During the preliminary planning stage of the project it was determined that the use of the internal work platform and arch form that the use of small forklift, as originally planned, was not be feasible. Due to the extremely large volume of materials required to be installed, manual handling was also not feasible due to time constraints and concerns on safety and material damage during handling.

The Port-A-Trac System gave us the ability to maneuver our materials to where they needed to be for installation throughout the entire length of the kiln efficiently and safely.

The key points of this system over other options would be:


  • Capacity to move full pallet of brick quickly into required position
  • Ability to use multiple material platforms (carts) to place full pallets of different brick shapes to the installation location.
  • With a Port-A-Trac, 2 men can easily push a 4,000 LB pallet of brick up the kiln and under a Bricking Machine
  • Increase speed of refractory installation
  • Build to any length – modular aluminum track comes in 3 meter and 1.5 meter sections


  • No exhaust fumes or Carbon Monoxide issues as with the use of the mechanical options.
  • Reduction of manually handling of materials thus reducing the risk of injuries to workers
  • Decrease worker fatigue
  • Optional power winch available
  • Brake system to hold carts anywhere on track

Quality Assurance:

  • Reduction of damage to material by manual handling.

By:  Mark Keller of Trident Industrial Services Inc.

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