Cemax Engineering Conference

Bricking Solutions was invited for a symposium in Malaysia by Jimmy Ooi and JL Ching of Cemax Engineering which was held in Kula Lumpur June 27th – 29th 2012.  They had over twenty in attendance from cement plants from around Malaysia, there was very good participation from the invited guest with questions and comments.

Mr. Yii Sing Hwa (Production Engineer) of CMS Clinker in particular talked about their satisfaction with their light weight aluminum kiln access ramp purchased from us in 2010.  Mr. Yii Sing Hwa shared with the group that they had a local manufactured steel ramp the was heavy and difficult to install and remove from the kiln taking them 12 to 16 hours for installation and removal.
In comparison with Bricking Solutions custom designed light weight aluminum ramp it only takes them 2 hours for installation and removal letting them restart their kiln about 24 hours sooner than they were able to with the heavy steel ramp.
All Bricking Solutions ramps are custom made to your specific kiln and burn floor and is constructed out of high grade, lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum.
The aluminum is as strong as steel but 1/3 the weight which makes our ramps much safer and easier to install into the kiln taking about 1.5 hours for complete installation.
 Each is designed to support a 6,804 kg (15,000 lb) live load capacity with a 3:1 safety factor built in giving it the ability to support working demolition equipment. Heavy duty fall guards are also standard for safe travel over the cooler.