Custom Aluminum Kiln Access Ramps

Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing Kiln Access Ramps for over 20 years and have built over 150 ramps to customer’s all over the world.

Kiln Access Ramps

each kiln access ramp is custom designed

Building an access ramp to provide access into your kiln is one thing, but we take special consideration when designing your ramp.

custom designed kiln ramp

We take a look at your burn floor and collect measurements for your kiln door, any gaps, sill height, etc. and possible obstructions such as the burner tube.

The access ramps are manufactured out of high quality aircraft aluminum which not only makes it durable and long lasting but 1/3 the weight of steel.

Since each ramp is custom designed for your particular kiln and burn floor, most installations take only 2 hours!

6,804 kg (15,000 lb) capacity will allow for fork lifts, skid steers and working demotion equipment such as a Brokk, to be used on your ramp.

Custom designs allows for options such as a section for skid steers to back out of kiln and dump debris from the access ramp.