Evaluations – Keeping Your Equipment Outage Ready

It’s there, in the shadow of your kiln, waiting to be called upon to perform its one task – helping you quickly and safely reline your kiln. But, your Bricking Machine has been worked hard over the years and is a little beat up.

For a Bricking Machine, the first time is usually about 8 years inA leaky hose here, a chewed up wheel there. A couple of missing screws and one of the frames is a bit out of whack. Your brick contractor has mentioned that the machine could use some help. These are just some of the reasons that you should have your Bricking Machine evaluated.

bricking machine maintenance

Here at Bricking Solutions, we pride ourselves on fabricating the industry’s best refractory maintenance products, but, as with any piece of equipment, they need some love once in a while. For a Bricking Machine, the first time is usually about 8 years in (then about every 2 years after that).

dirty bricking machineBy this time, it’s gone through eight or more shutdowns and experienced its fair share of abuse. Having one of our technicians come out and give your Bricking Machine a thorough once over will assure you, your safety team, and your contractor, that the machine is in top shape and, more importantly, completely safe to use.

We offer one- or two-day evaluations.

With a one-day evaluation, the technician goes over your machine looking for any visible defects in the structure, as well as ensuring that all moving parts actually move as they are supposed to. Upon completion of the evaluation, the technician will discuss any defects found and the best course of action to fix them. You will also receive a detailed report and a quote for any replacement parts that are needed or recommended.

technician working on bricking machine With a two-day evaluation, you get everything in the one-day evaluation, but the technician installs all the replacement parts and makes sure that everything is working just as it should.

The money spent having your machine evaluated is a small price to pay to ensure that it is ready to go for your next outage. With proper care and maintenance, the Bricking Machine that you spent tens of thousands of dollars on can easily last 15-20 years. Spending a couple of thousand dollars every few years can help you accomplish that.