It’s Twins!

Bricking Solutions and her employees are proud parents of twin bricking machines capable of bricking from 3.8m kiln ID to 6m kiln ID. These talented machines not only adjust from 3.8m kiln ID to 6m kiln ID, but are able to adjust easily in the kiln on the fly to make bricking though tapers and conical sections a breeze. 

They are born with all of the features desirable in a modern bricking machine, such as cut away center section in the up kiln arch for easy access to the all important keying area, ergonomic stair step mobile work platform / center arch support for easy access to the kiln shell when installing brick, the largest work platform in the industry for comfortable working area and reduced rig movement.
We could go on and on about our babies, but do not want to seem to bias about our children. We know that the adopting parents of these machines (Sister Indian cement plants (Ultratech Rajashree and Ultratech Rawan) will also do plenty of bragging.
 Here’s our newly born babies in the maternity ward. One machine trying out its 3.8m size and the other is flexing its 6m muscles.
Set up at 3.8M
Set up at 6M