Kiln Access Ramp and Ez Flexx Bricking Machine for Martin Marietta Specialties

Thank you and congratulations to York Lining International and Martin Marietta Specialties for their package order.

They received a custom Kiln Access Ramp with a 15,000 lb. live load capacity with a 3:1 safety factor. The also received a Premium Ez Flexx Bricking Machine designed for their 14 ft. kiln. The bricking machine also have a 15,000 lb live load capacity with a 3:1 safety factor and a 17 ft. work platform.

Kiln Access RampBricking Solutions has been designing and manufacturing refractory maintenance products for over 40 years.

We will customize any ramp to fit your specific burn floor and kiln.

Kiln Access RampKiln Access RampEach ramp is custom designed by certified professional engineers

Made with high grade 6061 T6 aluminum, strong as steel and half the weight

Lightweight T6 aluminum construction is easy to handle and install

3/8” (9mm) non-skid diamond plate decking
Radiused nose matches kiln

Designed to support 15,000lbs (6,804kg) live load with a 3:1 safety factor.

Lifting lugs are designed into every ramp to maximize use of forklift for installation.

Most ramps install in less than on hour

bricking machine

Cut-Away Key Section gives the Key Mason easy access to down kiln arch giving a clear view for critical key brick installation.

Double Arch System adjusts to varying brick sizes utilizing hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic arch jack, screw jacks, & arch hinges allowing the masons to adjust over retaining rings, tapers, & adjust to varying kiln diameters.

bricking machineCantilever design makes closing out up kiln, or retaining ring row a breeze and comes standard on all machines

Color coded occilating polyurethane castor wheels with kick brake & lock out pin allows for safer & easier machine movement without damage to bedded brick.