Thanks you and Congratulations to ACC Limited Madukkarai Cement Works for their order of a new 2 Man Heavy Duty Inspection Cage and Chanda Cement Works for their order of two 4 Man Heavy Duty Inspection Cage. Thank you Indrex Pvt Ltd / The Consultants for all your hard work!

2 Man Cage for a 3.75M Kiln
2 Man Cage for a 3.75M Kiln

1.5M (5 feet) of portable protection designed & certified by a professional engineer. Rated for 114kg (250lbs) dropped from 455mm (18 in) with a 3:1 safety factor. A shock absorbed panel increases safety.

Fabricated from 6061 T6 aluminum with a steel mesh cover secured with wing nuts. Protruding bolts on top of frame hold the wire mesh in place.

All sides are color coded for easy assembly. Adjustable height with 4 independently adjustable legs for the varying surfaces and thickness of coating.

The 2 Man cage is easily carried by 2 people using flip-up handles attached to a safety gate. Shoulder harness is standard for increased stability.

4 Man Cage for a 5.5M Kiln
4 Man Cage for a 5.5M Kiln
Here at Bricking Solutions, we are always striving to advance our equipment for better efficiency and safety. We rigorously test our equipment to improve our designs.
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