Thank You and Congratulations to Shree Cement for the purchase of the Premium EZ Flexx Bricking Machine.

The Ez Flexx is a double arch brick lining machine that adjusts for kiln diameters ranging from 3.8M to 7.6M.Shree Cement of India, with the help of NV Techno Services Pvt Ltd, has purchased a new Premium Ez Flex Brick Lining Machine, Radialign Laser and a 20′ Steel Storage Container.

The Premium FDEOR bricking machine was designed for a range of 3.8M – 4.8M.

Premium FDEOR bricking machineIt features hydraulic jacks, screw jacks, and arch hinge connections allowing for the quickest and easiest machine adjustments in the cement kiln refractory industry.

The EZ Flexx has a standard 17 foot (5.2M) deck with fall guards or an optional heavy duty fall guard.
The 15,000 lbs (6,8100kg) live load frame capacity allows for three pallets of brick and a refractory crew – the largest deck in the industry.

the EZ Flexx is designed with a cut away center section in the front arch to allow easy access to the key section.The arch trolley glides up and down the work deck on an integrated rail system. Incorporated into the trolley is an ergonomic stair step to lessen worker fatigue.

Premium FDEOR bricking machineAs with all our brick lining machines, the EZ Flexx is designed with a cut away center section in the front arch to allow easy access to the key section. Both the Long Jack and Shim Driver come standard.

Our machine has a set of two 3-Way Master Valves. Positioned on the down kiln and up kiln arches, the 3-way air valves allow for rapid advancement up the kiln by engaging or releasing cylinders simultaneously or individually without resetting.

Radialign laser alignment device

The “Radialign” laser alignment device ensures refractory is installed perpendicular to the axis of the kiln.

The use of the Radialign prevents errors from being made due to manual measurement from distorted or worn away weld seams.

This in turn means longer refractory life due to less mechanical stress. Our customers were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the old methods for determining radial alignment and were frustrated with the amount of downtime of their kilns due to improperly installed brick.
Radialign laser alignment device
It is critical to install the brick perpendicular to the axis of the kiln. If the bricks are not placed in the proper alignment, the chance for premature brick failure will greatly increase.

We have documented cases of the laser being used for the first time inside of a kiln and the laser’s accuracy discovered improperly installed retaining rings; these retaining rings are the foundation for properly installed brick.

Once the bricking machine has served its purpose and has been removed from the kiln, the question becomes – how far to disassemble it, where to put it, and what storage precautions or preventive maintenance needs to be done.

Variations in temperature, dust, and moisture all have adverse effects on the exposed bricking machine that is typically stored on the burn floor. We have customized a 20 foot (6.1 M) “SEA” shipping container with custom brackets and storage boxes to contain and transport your refractory maintenance equipment.

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