Pass Thru Trolley

The Pass Thru Trolley allows a full pallet of refractory / brick to be placed onto the bricking rig from the down kiln end by a forklift, and then the pallet can be moved under the arch to the up kiln end where it can be easily accessed.

Bricking Solution’s EZ Flexx machines have a 5.2M (17ft) platform with a 6,810 kg (15,000 lb) capacity. This allows for 3 full pallets of brick, plus men and equipment on the machine. The EZ Flexx double arch trolley moves on rails on the platform. The RTS has a brick pallet cart that rolls on a different set of rails. From the down kiln end, a full pallet will be placed on the brick pallet cart with a fork lift. The masons will then remove the arch trolley steps and push the full brick pallet under the arch to the up kiln end of the machine. Once the brick pallet cart is locked in place, the masons will reinstall the arch trolley steps. This will provide the masons with a full pallet of refractory which is then easily accessible and will limit the amount of brick handling. Once the brick is used and unloaded from the pallet, the empty pallet cart can then roll under the arch trolley for the next pallet of brick to be loaded on the machine.
You can see the full video here:  Pass Thru Trolley Video

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