PPT Trinidad Cement 11/07/2011 Case study



 “Within 24hrs I was inside the kiln. I installed the safety cages first. The safety cages are wide enough for me to plank off with 3/4″ ply board. I then installed the rig. The frame was just rolled in on the ply board and the rig was set up as normal. A good work crew of 8-10men was used on this job and within 3 hrs we were able to assemble everything” 
– Alonzo Ramsaran Kiln Engineer


  • Our Personal Protection Tunnel System is designed for worker safety from falling coating that withstands impacts of up to 250lbs (113.5kg) dropped from 2ft (.6M) with 3:1 safety factor
  • Fabricated from 6061 NT-6 Aluminum with a steel mesh cover
  •   Each tunnel section is 5 ft (1.5M) long and can be connect together as long or as short as needed
  •   To offer workers and equipment a safe haven
  • A protective measure against injury or loss of life



  • Light weight aluminum and easy set up
  • Allows personnel, material and equipment to move safely inside your kiln
  • Used for small patch work
  • The frames have legs which are easily adjusted for varying or uneven terrain (adjusts 24″ / 61 cm)