Ramp and Bricking Machine Evaluation Program

Still going the through the doldrums of low cement demand that most plants in the North America market are experiencing!   Well, now is the time to take advantage of the time on your hands and be proactive for the next upswing in cement demand by making sure your refractory installation equipment is safe and ready to use.

Bricking Solutions’ BBS Technical Services has an extensive bricking machine and ramp evaluation service program that will certify that your Bricking Solutions equipment is safe to use and in topnotch working condition.  The evaluation technician will go through each part of your equipment and can offer dye pen testing to be sure there is no metal and weld fatigue preventing it from being ready for the next use.

 Please email or contact Stacey for a quote or more information: stacey@brickingsolutions.com 360-794-1277