Successful Bricking Solutions Training

We had a successful training at Bricking Solutions. Visitors from Holcim Trident – MT, Ash Grove Cement Leamington – UT, and Argos Cement Calera – AL were present. We went over replacing and trouble shooting parts on both our old MOR and our new Ez Flexx Bricking Machine as well as the new machines safety features and benefit.

Side by side comparison of our old style MOR and our new Ez Flexx Bricking Machine.

Bricking Solutions Exclusive Premium 5.2m (17’) Work Deck

Industry Standard 4.3m (14’) work deck

Only Bricking Solutions offers a 17ft deck at 15,000lbs (6,810kg) capacity allows 3 full pallets of brick, plus men, & equipment.

Perf-O-Grip light weight aluminum for a safe non slip surface and easy assembly.

A standard ladder can be used on either up or down kiln. An Additional ladder can be acquired for dual access.

Cut-Away Key Section, exclusive to Bricking Solutions, gives the Key Mason easy access to down kiln arch giving a clear view for critical key brick installation.

Pneumatic powered hydraulic jack with  finger-tip controls and shim driver are standard with every machine.

Double Arch System adjusts to varying brick sizes utilizing hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic arch jack, screw jacks, & arch hinges allowing the masons to adjust over retaining rings, tapers, & adjust to varying kiln diameters.

Our dual arch system speeds up the installation process by allowing the masons to brick out two
rings at the same time for.

Cantilever design makes closing out up kiln,
or retaining ring row a breeze and comes  standard on all machines

Cylinder bumpers articulate to always contact the refractory & cylinders on both arches have their own valve for independent operation
or are simultaneously controlled by a 3-Way Master Valve.

The Lubricator Filter is equipped with an  emergency shut off valve in case of sudden air loss.

Color coded occilating polyurethane castor wheels with kick brake & lock out pin allows for
safer & easier machine movement without  damage to bedded brick.

The optional hydraulic leg jacks allows machine to be adjusted with out the use of a fork truck making installation safer & faster

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