Work Smarter, Not Harder

Bricking solutions refractory bricking machine
Today, working harder is not enough. Successful cement operations are more about finding new, efficient ways of doing the work in order to increase profits and outsmart the competition. You know that all too well.

That’s why you see a growing number of Brokk machines and Bricking Solutions equipment in cement kilns around the world – the intelligent demolition powerhouse that offers strength and flexibility combined with the safest, most efficient installation products is a sure way to minimize plant shut down time and maximize workplace ergonomics in a unique, safe way.
Whether you need more power or precision for demolishing a cement kiln with remote controlled Brokk machines, or the custom installation equipment of Bricking Solutions, both will get the hard job done. With our long list of versatile products, Brokk demolition machines and Bricking Solutions refractory installation equipment are the smartest maintenance solution in both horizontal and vertical vessels.

Brokk and Bricking Solutions make up your smart and safe complete Circle of Refractory Maintenance

Brokk removing old refractory bricking
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