About Us

Bricking Solutions was formed by the merger of Brokk AB of Sweden with Bricking Solutions, Inc., USA; formerly Pneumat-O-Ring International. By bringing together the two most respected names in refractory tear-out and installation equipment, Bricking Solutions offers the best, most comprehensive system available for kiln refractory maintenance.

Visions of Safe and Efficient Bricking Machines

Maurice ("Maury") Drenkel

Maurice (“Maury”) Drenkel

In 1966 Maurice (“Maury”) Drenkel, a well-known refractory contractor, decided the time had come for a safe, efficient way to install refractory, one course at a time, into rotary kilns. Maury, with years of experience using jack and timber, adhesive, and pogo sticks, was always concerned one of his men would be injured. Firm in his belief that the machine, rather than the men, should do the work, Maury set out to develop a device that would be safe, efficient, and easy to operate. Within the year Maury’s vision became reality, and the first machine was operated by the Drenkel crew at Ideal Cement in Seattle, Washington. After painstaking evaluation and refinement, Maury introduced the Pneumat-O-Ring. Although the years have brought a series of continuous product improvements and refinements, Maury’s vision of safety, simplicity, and efficiency has endured.

Bricking Machines for Refractory Installers

Bricking Solutions, Inc. (formerly Pneumat-O-Ring International) was started in 1967 to supply rotary kiln bricking machines to refractory installers. Over the past 33 years, Bricking Solutions has offered sound solutions to companies looking towards safer, more efficient refractory installation. We have sold over 800 machines in 75 different countries and enjoy a reputation as a manufacturer of user-friendly machines built with the operator in mind, with a safety record that speaks for itself.


Early Pneumat-O-Ring bricking machine

Early Pneumat-O-Ring bricking machine.

From Bricking Machines to Bricking Solutions

We have continued to improve the bricking machines by partnering with our customers to incorporate their feedback and suggestions for improvements and refinements. We have become problem solvers and through the years have begun looking at the installation process as a system. At the request of our customers, we have developed accessories and other products to support the bricking machine. Our customers have found that we are a clearinghouse for safer, more efficient, and easier ways to use the machine and to install brick.