Bricking Machines

We have been manufacturing bricking machines worldwide for over 50 years. Because Bricking Solutions specializes in bricking machines, we can build any size machine for your rotary kiln (max. 2M range). Our bricking machines are the safest, most efficient, and lightest rigs in the industry because we use the highest strength and highest quality aluminum.

EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machine

4M kilns and larger

The EZ Flexx50 features a flexible arch that allows for easy adjustment inside the kiln for either minor kiln distortion, or to accommodate conical sections or ovality. Our standard Bricking Machine comes in any kiln size or 2M range from 4m and up, or can be custom made to your plant’s needs. With a wide variety of additional features for added efficiency, not only is it the safest bricking machine in the industry, it is also the best. Speed up your refractory brick kiln installation today.

  • Frames and structural components manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Symmetrical part design with pin connections for fast and easy assembly
  • Standard 4,000 kg (8,800 lb) load capacity and 4.3M (14’) work platform. Allows for 2 pallets of bricks (1,540 kg) plus men and equipment. Highest load capacity in the industry
  • Optional 6,000 kg (13,200 lb) load capacity and 5.2M (17′) work platform
  • Simple jack screws allow for easy adjustment of distance between arch and shell
  • Ergonomic Cut-Away Keying Section, exclusive to Bricking Solutions, gives the Key Mason easy access to down-kiln arch giving a clear view for critical key brick installation
  • Engineered cut-outs incorporated into arch panels for the lightest arch in the industry

EZ Flexx50 Small Bricking Machine

3–4M kiln diameters

The Ez Flexx50 Small is mini version of the standard Ez Flexx50. The only difference is the range and capacity.

  • 3,000 kg (6,600 lb) load capacity and 3.65M (12’) work platform. Allows for 1 pallet of refractory bricks plus men and equipment. Highest load capacity in the industry
  • Full range from 3M – 4M or .5M ranges

Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine

4- to 6-meter kilns

The Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine includes the key benefits of the EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machine but with a stair-stepped design that provides clearance under the bricking rig. This allows crews to drive support equipment, such as skid steers or forklifts, under the machine and to easily deposit refractory brick on the keying side.

Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine Clearance

  • 4- to 5-meter model: Approximately 213 centimeters (84 inches)
  • 5- to 6-meter model: Approximately 264 centimeters (104 inches)

Actual clearance is dependent on machine configuration and kiln size.

Capacity and Deck Space

The Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine offers the industry’s largest capacity and ample deck space for brick, personnel and tools.

  • Standard Unit: 3-meter (14-foot) long deck that can hold as much as 3,992 kilograms (8,800 pounds)
  • Optional Capacity Upgrade: Increases capacity to 5,987-kilograms (13,200 pounds). The largest model’s platform is 5.2 meters (17.1 feet) long ­that can hold three pallets of brick totaling 4,620 kilograms (10,185 pounds).

Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine

The Econ-O-Ring (ECOR) is an adjustable, economically priced, medium duty bricking machine designed to service brick lining in kilns with 2489mm – 3658mm (98″-144″) Brick ID. The ECOR is a double arched adjustable bricking machine with a unique adjustable frame system and multiple hinged arch sections. This allows the ECOR to be adjusted to many different diameter combinations within its range.

The ECOR was designed for smaller kiln diameters. It is manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and can be assembled in 60 minutes once inside the kiln. The ECOR is constructed in small components and can be handled by two people. The machine is designed to fit into limited access kilns and can install insulated and active brick in lime kilns.

Mini Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine

The Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR) is an adjustable, economically priced, small duty machine designed to service kilns with 1194mm – 2489mm (47″–98″) Brick ID. The MECOR is single arched bricking machine with a single adjustable frame system that allows the MECOR to be adjusted to different diameter combinations within its range.

The MECOR was designed for burning chambers for paper mill drying kiln, tertiary return ducts in cement plants, satellite cooler tubes, small vessel, kilns and furnances. It is manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and can be assembled in 30 minutes. The MECOR is constructed in small components and can be handled by two people.

Torpedo Ladle Brick Lining Machine

This bricking machine is designed for installation of refractory in torpedo ladles for the steel industry. It replaces old fashion wood form and wedges and greatly reduces set-up and installation time. The machine is designed and fabricated out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with custom Aluminum Perf-O-Grip Planking and a 2,722 kg (6,000 kg) net capacity aluminum frame with rails to support trolley. Custom made flex arch with flexible hinge connections to allow arch wings to adjust toward and away from kiln wall Arch stabilizer post to adjust proper distance of arch from shell.

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