Metal Processing Industry

Bricking Solutions offers specialized solutions for vessels used in iron, steel, copper, aluminum and zinc production. If you need a better way to maintain a vertical vessel, like a blast furnace, a custom-designed suspended platform will make scaffolding obsolete. Or if you need a faster, less cumbersome method for rebricking a torpedo ladle, try a torpedo ladle bricking rig with tapered ends and arches on opposite ends that accommodate permanent and working brick. Whether it’s access, brick installation or material handling, we have you covered with quality products that increase safety and productivity.

  • All
  • Blast Furnace
  • Flash Converting Furnace
  • Smelter
  • Steel – Pelletizing
  • Torpedo Ladle
  • Zinc Rotary Kiln / Waelz Kiln


Gantry Crane

EZ Flexx50 Small Bricking Machine

EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machine

Mini Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine

Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine

Torpedo Ladle Brick Lining Machine

Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine

Kiln Bedding Carts

Kiln Split Deck Bedding Cart

Kiln Access Ramps

Hydraulic Conveyor

Incline Conveyor

Kiln Safety Inspection Cages

Personal Protection Tunnel

EZ Lift Suspended Platform

Material Transfer Basket


Burner Alignment System

Radialign Brick Alignment Device