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Safety is Our Top Priority

Bricking Solutions was founded to offer a safer method of refractory installation. The first bricking machine was developed by refractory contractor Maury Drenkel, who recognized the dangers and inefficiencies of manual methods from firsthand experience. More than 50 years later, we continue to focus solely on refractory maintenance solutions, and safety is our first and last thought every day. Designed to comply with the highest safety standards, our products are rigorously tested and built with quality materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bricking Solutions test its products for safety?

Prior to the equipment being tested, each product design undergoes theoretical testing through computer simulation and calculation. These products also experience weight testing at a limit of 200% of the maximum weight load and destructive testing, as needed.

What does a 3:1 safety factor mean?

3:1 safety factor means that each product is designed to withstand 3 times this maximum capacity before failing. However, this does not mean that these products should be pushed past their maximum weight load.

How is bricking machine load capacity determined?

The maximum weight load is based on the average weight of a pallet of bricks. It also considers the workers, tools and amount of pallets the machine can hold.

How is the safety cage rating determined?

The safety cage was designed to withstand a maximum threshold of 250 pounds (114 kg) falling from a height of 96 inches (92.44 m). We determined that number based on the average mass of coating and brick and the area of protection the cage provided.