Expanding Industries

While Bricking Solutions makes a full line of refractory maintenance equipment, our products are seeing growing interest in a variety of industries, such as tunneling, mining, agriculture and public works. Our safety cages, suspended platforms and rolling platforms are examples of products that have helped other industries address safety, productivity and access challenges. If you don’t see a product that meets your needs, contact us to discuss a custom solution.

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  • Mines / Tunneling
  • Vertical Vessels

Gantry Crane

Kiln Safety Inspection Cages

Personal Protection Tunnel

EZ Lift Suspended Platform

Material Transfer Basket

Refractory Kiln Safety Cage

Safety Inspection Cages


Personnel Protection Tunnel



hydraulic refractory brick conveyor

Hydraulic Conveyor

incline bricking conveyor

Incline Conveyor

refractory bedding cart

Material Transfer Basket

radialign kiln burner alignment system

Radialign Laser Alignment

Kiln Burner Alignment Device

Burner Alignment System