The keying jack is the most critical piece of equipment used in the tightening of each radial row of brick. The jacking must take place with each row prior to keying the row in place. When using one of our bricking machines, the keying operation takes place every 15 minutes.

  • Installs each course of brick easier and faster
  • Swivel foot braces adjust to brick and placement angle reducing the chance of damaged brick
  • Extension pipes in 9”, 14”, and 16”  to adjust to different keying requirements
  • Air pressure gauge for consistency and quality control
  • Operating Air Pressure: 90 – 120 psi (6.21-8.27 bar)
  • Air Consumption: 9 CFM (15m/h)
  • 4 Keying Jacks to choose from
    • Finger Tip Controlled – P/N 1796
    • Foot Controlled – P/N 1831
    • Hand Pump Controlled – P/N 1897
    • Hand Pump Controlled 51mm (2″) stroke – P/N 2385
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