Improves Refractory Replacement Efficiency   

Bricking Solutions, a full solution provider of refractory installation equipment, offers the Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine. This bricking machine replaces old-fashioned wood form and wedges and cuts set-up time in half. It also offers greater efficiency and safety for refractory installation in torpedo ladles.

“Bricking Solutions designed the Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine to meet the needs of the steel industry and to provide a way to make refractory installation safer and more efficient,” said Heather Harding, Bricking Solutions managing director. “This bricking machine makes the process seamless with the best features and construction in the industry.”

The Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine reduces installation time by two times over wood form and wedge methods. The design includes a lightweight aluminum arch mounted on adjustable screw jacks as well as flexible hinge connections. This allows the arch to adjust down for the tapered end of the ladle and for any distortions.

The platform expands the entire length of the torpedo ladle, allowing the arch trolley to move the full length of the platform on rails. This increases both safety and efficiency for the bricking process by providing a solid work platform for workers, tools, and brick. The Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine also improves safety and ergonomics over manual installation methods with features like the custom aluminum Perf-O-Grip planking for a slip-resistant walking surface. It is 50 percent lighter than steel versions but just as strong, with a 6,000-pound (2,700-kilogram) load capacity and a 3-to-1 safety factor. The Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine can be customized to fit any size torpedo ladle.

In addition to the Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine, Bricking Solutions manufactures bricking machines for rotary kilns as well as custom kiln access ramps and work platforms to increase efficiency and safety for refractory and other maintenance applications. For more information on the Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine or other safety and efficiency-enhancing equipment, call 1-360-794-1277 or request a quote.

Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine
Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine
The Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine reduces set up time by two times and increases revenue during major repairs for improved ROI.