Kiln Access RampCongratulations TXI Hunter Cement – Texas, USA and Thank You to Southern Refractories – Texas, USA for their order of a new Kiln Access Ramp.

All Bricking Solutions ramps are custom made to your specific kiln and burn floor and is constructed out of high grade, lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum.

Kiln Access RampThe aluminum is as strong as steel but 1/3 the weight which makes our ramps much safer and easier to install into the kiln taking about 1.5 hours for complete installation.

Each is designed to support a 6,804 kg (15,000 lb) live load capacity with a 3:1 safety factor built in giving it the ability to support working demolition equipment. Heavy duty fall guards are also standard for safe travel over the cooler.

Kiln Access Ramp9mm (3/8″) non-skid diamond plate decking is used and a radius designed nose to match the kiln.

Lifting lugs are designed into every ramp to maximize use of forktruck for installation.

For the TXI Hunter ramp we also included Brokk matting support for the Brokk 260. Kiln Access RampThe matting support is specifically designed to hold and support the Brokk outriggers based on the specification of each Brokk.

It is built from heavy duty wood and steel or aluminum which protects the curbs and prevents the welds from tearing apart form the deck.

This insures that your ramp will last a lifetime.

Kiln Access Ramp