Bricking Solutions and Tianjin Pfister have re-joined forces. Tianjin Pfister has been appointed exclusive distributor for Bricking Solutions for China.

Tianjin Pfister’s 21 strong sales force will be trained at Tianjin Pfister’s newest manufacturing plant in Tianjin. In addition to audio visual equipment, meeting rooms and Bricking Solutions literature translated into Mandarin, Tianjin Pfister has set aside an exclusive training area inside of their plant for the training of not only their own sales people but also cement industry customers. The training facility includes almost all of the circle of refractory maintenance and it sports a full size 4.8m kiln shell complete with refractory installed and an EZFlex EOR set up and ready to go. All equipment will be powered and functional.
Display area under construction

China is a difficult yet interesting market. We are still learning what it takes to get a decent market share. The market itself is evolving and maturing. The more mature it gets relative to modern methods and increased attention to safety the better it is for our products. Even in a mature market we face cultural, language and multiple local and traditional competition issues. The local competition is fiercer than in any other market we work in. We are hoping by working with a Chinese manufacturer and marketer already well established in the industry that we will finally make our mark.
Tianjin Pfister plant