Do you have a kiln 4M (13′) or smaller? Bricking Solutions has the right size bricking machine for your kilns from 4M all the way down to 1.5M. 

Our newest addition to our Bricking Machine line is our Ez Flexx50 Small. This bricking machine is similar to our full size models but smaller. The machine is designed for kilns with 3M – 4M (9.8′ – 13.1′) shell diameters. The flexible arch allows for easy adjustment inside the kiln for
either minor kiln distortion, or to accommodate conical sections or ovality.

 STEz Flexx50 Small bricking machineANDARD SAFETY FEATURES

  • Structural Components 6061-T6 Aluminum
  •  Load Capacity 2,722kg (6,000 lb)
  • 3.65M (12’) Work Platform Length
  • Safety Check Valve
  • Perf-O-Grip Planking
  • Safety Fall Guards
  • CE, OSHA and AWS D1.2 Compliant
  • Dual Braking System on Arch Trolley




The Econ-O-Ring (ECOR) Bricking Machine is an adjustable, economically priced, medium duty machine designed to service kilns with 2.8M – 3.7M (9.2 – 12 ft) shell diameters. The ECOR is a double arched adjustable bricking machine with a unique adjustable frame system and multiple hinged arch sections.

  • Structural Components 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Load Capacity 771 kg (1,700 lb)
  • Net Weight 300 kg (660 lb)
  • Safety Check Valve
  • CE, OSHA and AWS D1.2 Compliant
Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR) Bricking MachineOur smallest machine is our Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR) Bricking Machine that is adjustable from 47” (1.2M) to 98” (2.5M). Mini Econ-O-Ring can be used in burning chambers for paper mill drying kiln, tertiary return duct in a cement plant, satellite cooler tubes on a cement rotary kiln, and small vessel, kilns and furnaces.
  • Structural Components 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Small enough to ship UPS, FedEx, DHL
  • Arch Stabilizer Post & Jacking System to adjust arch to the proper distance from the kiln shell
  • Safety Check Valve
  • CE, OSHA and AWS D1.2 Compliant
Refractory Kiln Safety Cage

Safety Inspection Cages


Personnel Protection Tunnel



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Hydraulic Conveyor

incline bricking conveyor

Incline Conveyor

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