Largest Machine Ever

            Bricking Solutions is delivering the largest fully adjustable EZ FLEXX bricking machine ever built to LKAB mining located in Kiruna, Sweden.  This machine will have a range of 5.5m to 7.5m to work in their two 5.5-6.1m kilns, their 6.7m kiln and their 6.8-7.5m kiln, with the ability to adjust through the conical sections on the fly taking only minutes for each adjustment.

What truly makes this EZ FLEXX bricking machine unique is the uni-body bolt together frame design allowing this large machine to fit through the relatively small kiln door access.


 Bricking Solutions with it forty plus years engineering and fabricating experience designs machines as small as 1.5m shell ID to 7.6m and larger to work in the largest kilns in the world.