More than 50 years in the business has taught us what it takes to be industry leaders. We put the best of that knowledge into our Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine, the lightest, strongest and safest refractory installation machine on the market. With half a century of experience behind it, the benefits of the Ez Flexx50 stack up quickly.

Welcome to the Light Side

The largest Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine model weighs in at 3,100 pounds (1,406 kilograms), making it one of the lightest in the industry.

Industry-Leading Capacity

The standard unit holds as much as 8,800 pounds (3,992 kilograms), or as much as 13,200 pounds (5,987 kilograms) with an optional capacity upgrade.

Designed for Safety

Our machines offer greater safety than other bricking machines as well as manual methods, such as pogo stick, mechanical jack screws and gluing, because they don’t put masons in danger. We boosted safety even more with a non-slip deck, dual braking system and fall guards. In addition, the machine complies with international safety standards.

Ease and Efficiency

The Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine is designed for fast work and efficiency-boosting ergonomics. Experienced crews can assemble the Ez Flexx50 in as little as 60 minutes. And features like more deck space, simplified keying, easy arch adjustment and effortless moving make life easy for refractory workers.

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Refractory relining bricking machine