Ultratech Cement Ltd, Rawan Plant, 10,000 tpd KHD Kiln 2 – Successfully commissioned their new Kiln Access Ramp.Prior to their new Kiln Access ramp, there were some difficulties for kiln access as the burn floor has many obstacles. During a plant shutdown, the activities were hampered as manpower movement was restricted due to a narrow entry.

Bricking Solutions, Inc. USA supplied a lightweight tailor made Aluminum Kiln Access Ramp to fulfill customer’s requirement.This ramp is user friendly as it comes in 3 sections, very easy for movement and less man power required for assembling and disassembling. It can be moved in very narrow space and is easy to lift.
Assembling of Main Ramp Section took 3 hours. Whole Ramp Assembly took 4 hours only.

Ramp is ready for movement of man as well as machines. Very safe, easy handling and less time required for assembling. It has been designed to take load of Brokk de-bricking machine, BobCat cleaning machine as well as forklift. In fact the ramp is designed such that Brokk can stand in the center of the bridge section to break outlet area / castable.

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Custom kiln access ramp
Custom kiln access ramp