Bricking Solutions’ Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine Offers Extra Clearance

Bricking Solutions, a full solution provider of refractory installation equipment, introduces the Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine. The new model retains the key benefits of the company’s EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machine, which offers the lightest weight and highest load capacity on the market, but features a stair-stepped deck. This provides enough clearance beneath the scaffolding for forklift access, resulting in more efficient brick delivery. The Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine is available for 4- to 6-meter (13.1- to 19.7-feet) diameter kilns and offers fast set up, ample deck space and easy keying for unparalleled productivity. “For more than 50 years, Bricking Solutions has been providing equipment solutions that are both innovative and customer-driven,” said Heather Harding, Bricking Solutions managing director. “The new model is a next evolution of our bricking machine, offering the best features of our EZ Flexx50 with the stair-stepped deck favored by some masons. It is another example of how our equipment helps customers tailor their refractory installation process for maximum comfort and efficiency.” The Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine offers the industry’s largest capacity and plenty of deck space for brick, personnel and tools. The standard unit has a 4.3-meter (14-foot) long deck and can hold as much as 3,992 kilograms (8,800 pounds). An optional capacity upgrade increases that to 5,987-kilograms (13,200 pounds). The largest model’s platform is 5.2 meters (17.1 feet) long ­— larger than any competitive machine — and can hold three pallets of brick totaling 4,620 kilograms (10,185 pounds). In addition to industry-leading deck area and capacity, the Stair-Stepped model provides enough clearance to drive support equipment, such as skid steers or forklifts, underneath the machine. This allows crews to easily deposit refractory brick for the bedding crew and bricking machine on the keying side. Some masons prefer this type of brick management since it minimizes brick handling and reduces the need for additional equipment, such as conveyors, to deliver brick. This also improves productivity and reduces brick damage and loss associated with the constant material handling. The 4- to 5-meter (13.1- to 16.4-foot) Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine offers approximately 213 centimeters (84 inches) of clearance. 5- to 6-meter (16.4- to 19.7- foot) models provide approximately 264 centimeters (104 inches). Actual clearance is dependent on machine configuration and kiln size. The Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine also offers improved ergonomics. By positioning workers and bricks on the stair steps, crews can stage brick at midlevel, minimizing lifting and bending. Like all Bricking Solutions equipment, the Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine is simple to assemble and maintain, and provides outstanding safety, productivity and ROI. The machine is manufactured with high-strength 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which is as strong as steel but only two-thirds the weight. A modular design and pin-together construction allows for setup in just 60 to 90 minutes, compared to 6 to 8 hours for many competitive models. Bricking Solutions is the only manufacturer to include an ergonomic cut-away section in the front arch to allow keying access to close out a ring. Double arches support two rings at once for efficient installation, allowing masons to start installing the next ring while the previous is keyed out. These features allow an experienced crew to install 3.3 feet (1 meter) of brick per hour, compared to roughly .6 meters per hour with other techniques. For more information on the Stair-Stepped Bricking Machine or other refractory installation equipment, call 1-360-794-1277 or visit the contact page.

Big or Small – Specialized Equipment Maximizes Productivity for Your Kiln

From burn floor to access, every kiln is unique. So, shouldn’t your maintenance solution be, too? Here’s how to select the refractory maintenance equipment — such as kiln access ramps, conveyor systems and bricking machines — that fit your operation and process to maximize your productivity. Access Metal access ramps have the strength and durability to get people and tools safely across the cooler, making them standard in facilities worldwide. Since every burn floor, cooler and kiln is unique, it’s a given that access ramps should be custom designed to ensure a proper fit. The faster your ramp is installed, the faster your crew can get to work. So, to maximize productivity, look for a ramp with a modular design and lightweight components that’s easier to erect with equipment you already have on hand, such as a forklift.  A well-designed, lightweight access ramp can be assembled in as little as 1.5 hours in many cases — that’s up to 40% faster than other aftermarket or self-built options. But weight isn’t everything. Ramps must also be durable. Those made with 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum provide the best of both worlds — durable, long-lasting results at half the weight of steel. An access ramp manufactured with this material can support as much as 6,804 kilograms (15,000 pounds) live load. That’s as much as a fully loaded forklift. Material Delivery Brick management is another area where the right piece of equipment can maximize your productivity. It’s not always possible to drive into a smaller kiln to deliver brick, making brick management a labor-intensive process. In these situations, conveyors provide an efficiency-enhancing alternative that allows workers to move materials twice as fast and with less physical strain than by hand. With a hydraulic conveyor, a two-person crew can bring a full pallet of brick into the kiln in less than 10 minutes. A roller conveyor would take a crew of five up to three hours to do the same. Look for a unit with modular components to allow for quick setup — as little as one to two hours, depending on the length of the conveyor and site conditions. No matter the size of the kiln — large or small — minimizing brick handling leads to less material damage, increased safety and faster installation. With an incline conveyor, masons can move 15-20 bricks per minute from the kiln floor to the bricking machine with minimal effort. Again, a lightweight, modular design makes transportation and installation easy for a small crew, so look for a machine made with aircraft grade aluminum and easily maneuverable components. Bricking Finally, bricking machines are perhaps the best way to maximize productivity. An experienced crew using a bricking machine can install 1 meter (3.3 feet) of brick per hour, compared to roughly .6 meters (2 feet) with other techniques. However, since kilns come in a variety of diameters, it’s important to find a machine that fits your specific site if you want to optimize these benefits. Bricking Solutions offers a number of bricking machines to fit kilns from 1.2 meters (47 inches) to more than 6 meters (19.7 feet). In addition to correct size, there are other characteristics that will provide greater productivity. A lightweight, modular design means faster setup so you can get to work quicker. A double arch system allows masons to start installing the next ring while the previous is keyed out for more efficiency. Additionally, look for a machine with an ergonomic cut-away keying section. This provides easy access and a clear view of the front arch for key brick installation to close out a ring. Custom Solutions When it comes to maximizing refractory maintenance productivity, partnering with an experienced equipment manufacturer will always provide the best results. Whether it’s an access ramp tailored to your specific site or helping fill in the gaps in your process with specialized clean up tools, our circle of refractory has you covered. Contact our team today to maximize your maintenance productivity.

Bricking Machine Benefits

Get work done up to two times faster with a bricking machine from Bricking Solutions. A pin-together design makes for fast and easy assembly — as fast as 60 minutes. Constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the machine is as strong as steel, but weighs two-thirds less. Each bricking machine provides ample deck space for increased safety and productivity. LEARN MORE ABOUT BRICKING MACHINES OR REQUEST PRICING

Key Considerations for Choosing a Bricking Machine

Not all bricking machines are equal. A thoughtfully designed machine made from quality material can significantly reduce downtime. We created this visual guide to illustrate key considerations.

Playing the Numbers

When to Repair or Replace Your Bricking Machine Equipment investment is always a numbers game. Having the right tools on hand at the right time is imperative for efficient operation. But does it need to be a brand-new machine? Or would repairs to key components provide the same productivity and safety with a smaller investment? And what flexibility does your choice provide? Is there enough in the budget to upgrade to the latest model, or would it be better to use the capital expenditures budget for repairs this year? When it comes to high-quality bricking machines, like our EX Flexx50, durability and longevity can make the repair versus replace decision even harder since, with proper maintenance, these machines can operate safely and efficiently for decades. Eventually, though, it’s a decision that will need to be made. Whether repair or replacement is best for your operation can only be determined on an individual basis, taking into account the condition of your bricking machine and the unique needs of your business. However, here are some key areas to consider as you crunch the numbers. How Old is Your Machine? While a bricking machine from a reputable manufacturer can easily stand the test of time — even in refractory installation’s harsh conditions — age is the first consideration facilities and contractors should evaluate. The number in itself might not tell you if repair or replacement are required, but, like any piece of equipment, there are certain safety inspections that should be conducted based on age and use. Carefully evaluate bricking machines after each use, and initiate an in-depth, on-site inspection from the manufacturer at least every three years or five uses. After eight years of use, inspect bricking machines annually to ensure safety and overall condition of the equipment. These evaluations should include a visual inspection as well as dye penetration tests on all welds. Depending on the model, the technician should also check additional features, such as valves on machines with pneumatic cylinders. As part of our aftersales services, Bricking Solutions offers equipment safety evaluations on-demand, which is highly recommended for older machines. The inspection results will provide a strong basis for objectively evaluating the cost of repairs versus replacement. Other considerations to keep in mind are safety and productivity upgrades that might be available with newer models. Innovative, new technology, such as adjustable dual-arch systems or ergonomic design elements, for example, will increase employee safety and comfort. Upgrading an existing machine with new technology may be considered a repair in some cases, but, at a certain point, replacing an older machine with the latest model will provide a better ROI. Body Damage For models showing their age, or those that fail the dye penetration test, replacement is usually a more cost-effective solution. Whether your rig is made from lightweight, high-strength aluminum or another material, re-welding decreases overall integrity and should be limited. If the dye penetration test uncovers several damaged welds, replacing the machine is the only way to ensure long-term safety. On the other hand, repair is more cost effective for minor body damage, like a bent panel. Here’s where working with a manufacturer really pays off. OEM bricking machines with a modular design allow for easy replacement. Just contact your manufacturer, and a new part is quickly fabricated to your rig’s exact specifications. Installation is a snap, allowing your team to get to work right away. This process requires some lead time but is virtually hassle free compared to reverse engineering a rig designed and built in house. And, by contacting your manufacturer for replacement parts right away, even this hurdle is easily avoided. Safety and Productivity Additionally, refractory installers should consider the overall safety and productivity their bricking machine provides. An unsafe machine should be replaced immediately — full stop. It’s impossible to put a price on workplace safety and cracked or failing welds, XX and YY all put employees in danger. However, if it’s just a single component that’s not working properly, such as a pneumatic arch cylinder, a simple repair is probably all you need to get your machine operational. Like any piece of equipment, bricking machines have parts that need replacing from time to time. Your in-house team can easily complete many of these repairs – if they have the right parts. Stocking common wear parts minimizes unnecessary downtime and keeps shipping costs down. Some equipment manufacturers offer inventory assistance to help you determine which components to keep on hand for your specific unit. Making the Call The decision to repair or replace is not always an easy one, and, ultimately, the answer depends on your specific situation. Thankfully, OEMs like Bricking Solutions offer onsite evaluations to assist in making the replacement decision. To schedule an evaluation or discuss your repair and replacement options, contact our team today! Repair or Replacement Checklist Repair is likely an option if: The machine is less than 8 years old and has been maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. The machine remains structurally strong. Repairs are limited to a single component, like the pneumatic system. Replacement is required if: The machine is 8 years or older and dye test shows failing welds. The machine has cracked wells. The machine would be unsafe even with repairs. New technological advancements offer enhanced efficiency effectively offsetting the additional costs. LEARN MORE ABOUT BRICKING MACHINES OR REQUEST PRICING

Safety First

Selecting the Right Equipment to Optimize Refractory Safety and Productivity Chris Jones, Bricking Solutions Lead Engineer With refractory maintenance taking place annually in most facilities, making the right equipment choice not only increases productivity, it provides peace of mind in regard to worker safety. Throughout the entire process, from initial inspection to installation and final cleanup, these applications come with inherent dangers. To combat health and safety risks, contractors and facilities rely on specially designed support equipment that can stand up to the harsh conditions of refractory installation. But, just as site-specific evaluations must be made when selecting refractory brick, determining the specific support equipment for optimal results requires careful consideration. To help make the selection process a little easier, here are four things facilities and contractors should consider for long-term safety and productivity. Quality of Construction Materials When it comes to selecting the safest refractory installation equipment, features like fall guards, railings, kick plates, non-slip surfaces and, where appropriate, stainless-steel netting are good indicators of a product’s overall safety contributions. However, contractors and facilities will benefit by looking a little deeper into the construction materials, as well. Products built with high-quality materials will provide long-lasting service even in refractory installation’s harsh conditions. 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, for example, offers an industry-leading strength-to-weight ratio. It also provides the durability of steel at a third the weight. Incorporated into modular designs, this results in equipment that is lighter and easier to assemble, reducing risk of physical strain. Additionally, the material’s strength can produce a high safety factor when combined with high-quality engineering. When used in safety cages or personnel tunnels, for example, this material is strong enough to protect workers from debris up to 140 kilograms (250 pounds) falling from a height of up to 2.4 meters (8 feet), while still being light enough for two people to maneuver. A custom-engineered kiln access ramp using aircraft aluminum can support as much as 6,804 kilograms (15,000 pounds) live load, increasing protection for workers and equipment moving across the ramp. Tailor-Made Options Customization should also be a key consideration when evaluating refractory installation equipment for safety and productivity. Every kiln and burn floor offers their own set of challenges. Tailor-made equipment means site-specific concerns can be addressed in design, leading to a safer, more efficient solution. For many facilities, this is the main argument for using in-house engineers. However, a number of leading manufactures also understand the importance of customization. Working with these companies can provide the best of both worlds — custom-designed equipment that safely meets the needs of a particular facility backed by the knowledge, experience and know-how of a specialty manufacturer. Support Equipment for the Entire Process Another important consideration for facilities and contractors to keep in mind is refractory installation is a long, multi-phase project. A number of products are available to help improve safety and efficiency throughout the entire process. A thorough investigation of the features and benefits of all available support equipment is the best way to ensure safety and efficiency through the whole process — from inspection to final cleanup. The bricking machine is the most recognizable piece of support equipment for refractory installers. Originally designed to reduce physical strain and safety risks compared to more manual installation methods — like pogo sticks, mechanical jack screws, gluing, and jack and timber — bricking machines have evolved over the years to provide a number of cutting-edge safety benefits. The newest machines offer innovative features, such as adjustable dual-arch systems with pneumatic cylinders to push bricks into place, greatly reducing the risk of injuries from unsupported material overhead. Ergonomic design elements further increase worker comfort and safety. Some models also offer a cut-away section for unobstructed access to the keying area to increase ease and visibility for closing out a ring. However, to truly optimize refractory installation safety, contractors and facilities should consider support equipment beyond just bricking machines. Certain manufacturers specializing in refractory installation have developed entire product lines that increase safety and efficiency throughout the whole process. From safety cages and access ramps to hydraulic and incline conveyor systems that allow workers to move materials twice as fast as manual methods with significantly less physical strain, these manufacturers offer a number of equipment solutions that facilities and contractors should keep in mind. Long-Term Manufacturer Support Regardless of who manufactures a facility’s refractory equipment, ensuring long-term safety requires continual training and maintenance. While the majority of this upkeep falls on the facility or contractor, things like on-site equipment inspections, and parts and service from a reputable manufacturer are worth considering to make lasting safety more attainable. If possible, look to partner with a manufacturer or dealer that offers on-site inspections. These visits can often be turned into learning opportunities for plant personnel and contractors. Over time, crews change, and those on hand for the initial commissioning — where assembly, maintenance and storage requirements were originally outlined — may not be the same faces three years later. Additionally, a lasting relationship with the manufacturer for parts and service support helps ensure equipment is ready for operation during unscheduled kiln downtime. Safety Conscious When it comes to refractory installation safety, making the right equipment choices can lead to long-term success. Partnering with industry-leading manufacturers that specialize in refractory support equipment provides an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as innovations that continue to meet the industry’s evolving safety needs. LEARN MORE OR REQUEST PRICING

Refractory Safety Options That Come Full Circle

With advancements in kiln technology, size and applications, out-dated refractory installation techniques — such as pogo sticks or jack and timber — have slowly been replaced in factories and facilities around the world. Bricking materials have not changed much, but how contractors align, place and secure them has become safer and more productive than ever. Throughout the process — from inspection to installation — original equipment manufacturers, like Bricking Solutions, provide specialized tools that contribute to this new level of efficiency. For more than 50 years, we’ve solely focused on manufacturing refractory installation equipment. The result is a full line of specialized equipment to increase workplace safety and efficiency through every stage of kiln maintenance. We call this our Circle of Refractory. Here’s how it works. Safety Cages and Personnel Tunnels Starting with initial inspection, plants have come to rely on safety cages and personnel tunnels to protect workers from falling debris. Not all regions allow workers to enter kilns before coating and clinker is removed, but in areas where this practice is used, facilities that employ cages and tunnels have been able to reduce injuries. Like many pieces of refractory inspection equipment, cages and tunnels appear deceptively simple. However, careful material selection and design are key to optimizing safety. Models manufactured with T6-6061 aircraft aluminum offer the best strength-to-weight ratio. The material is strong enough to protect workers from debris up to 140 kilograms (250 pounds) falling from a height of up to 2.44 meters (96 inches), but can be as much as 50% lighter than comparable steel models. Additional safety features are also incorporated in safety cages from industry-leading manufacturers for even more protection. Crumple zones, for example, absorb the energy of a collapse, preventing serious injury or death. Stainless-steel netting protects workers from falling debris, as well. To increase peace of mind, look to partner with manufacturers that perform a battery of destructive tests to ensure these features perform as intended in an emergency situation. Kiln Access Ramps Custom-engineered kiln access ramps also provide a significant safety benefit for refractory maintenance applications. While a simple plank bridge might have sufficed in the past, today’s refractory installation relies on heavy equipment, such as skid steers and tear-out machines, to expedite the process. To get people and tools safely across the cooler, metal access ramps have become standard in facilities worldwide. Keeping in mind that every burn floor, cooler and kiln is unique, partnering with a manufacturer that provides individualized products will help maximize safety benefits and efficiency for this vital installation component. Again, heavy-duty aluminum equipment provides durable, long-lasting results at half the weight of steel. An access ramp manufactured with this material can support as much as 6,804 kilograms (15,000 pounds) live load. Custom-designed equipment can also incorporate features such as curbs and fall guards, when necessary, to protect workers as equipment moves across the ramp. Conveyors Incline and hydraulic conveyors are tools refractory installers find increases employee safety and efficiency. Parts of the world with access to large labor pools might still find so-called “bucket brigades” a viable option for transferring refractory materials up kiln. However, this method results excess brick handling, which could damage refractory — not to mention a number of unnecessary sprains, strains and repetitive motion. So, with safer options readily available, progressive facilities and contractors are embracing a more automated approach. Using a conveyor, workers can easily move materials twice as fast as manual methods with significantly less physical strain. Additionally, refractory equipment specialists provide lightweight, modular equipment that is easily adapted to fit a specific kiln, including kiln diameter, burn floor length and terrain adjustments. With sections weighing just 16-19 kilograms (35-42 pounds), transportation and installation is easy for a small crew. Bricking Machines While support equipment has played a major role in increasing refractory installation safety, perhaps the most significant gains have been made in the bricking process itself. The widespread adoption of bricking machines in recent decades has revolutionized the speed and overall safety of installation applications. Pogo sticks, mechanical jack screws, gluing and jack and timber techniques are still used by some contractors, but the vast majority of installations worldwide employ a bricking machine. Features and safety benefits vary among bricking machine models, but their overall contributions to installation efficiency are undeniable. Decades-old, first-generation machines can still reduce physical strain and safety risks compared to outdated installation methods — as long as they are well maintained. Newer models provide the most innovative and cutting-edge technology such as adjustable dual-arch systems with pneumatic cylinders to push bricks into place, greatly reducing the risk of injuries from unsupported overhead bricks. Machines featuring ergonomic design elements further increase worker comfort and safety. For example, models from innovative manufacturers, such as Bricking Solutions, offer a cut-away section for unobstructed keying access to increase ease and visibility for closing out a ring. Additional safety features are also available from specialized manufacturers including non-slip decks, dual braking systems and fall guards. An experienced crew using a bricking machine can install 1 meter (3.3 feet) of brick per hour, compared to roughly .6 meters (2 feet) with other techniques. The end result is better refractory installation which increases longevity and decreases downtime and repairs. The widespread use of bricking machines has also contributed to a significant decrease in refractory installation-related injuries and fatalities. And Many More From tear out to clean up, Bricking Solutions offers a full range of support equipment to make refractory installation faster, safer and more efficient. Contact our team today, to see how the tools in our Circle of Refractory can improve your operation. LEARN MORE OR REQUEST PRICING

Bricking Solutions’ After Sales Services Maximize Uptime

Bricking Solutions, a full solution provider of refractory installation equipment, offers a number of after sales services to help operations maintain equipment to maximize uptime during refractory installation applications. Services include equipment evaluation, parts and repair, and refurbishment options. These services, paired with proper routine maintenance, provide a cost-effective measure for facilities and contractors, virtually eliminating unnecessary downtime during refractory installation while ensuring crew safety and extending machine longevity. “Refractory installation jobs are always on a tight deadline since even scheduled downtime carries a hefty price tag,” said Heather Harding, Bricking Solutions managing director. “Bricking Solutions’ equipment is specially designed for the harsh conditions in which refractory installation occurs. Our after sales services ensure equipment is up to the task, keeping the bricking crew on the job until the work is done. Preparedness is key to avoiding unnecessary downtime, so our service team makes sure our customers have the necessary parts on hand through equipment evaluations and parts inventory assistance.” Operations can request on-site equipment inspections for EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machines, older model bricking machines, or other Bricking Solutions original equipment. These one-day evaluations are conducted by experienced Bricking Solutions technicians or trained Bricking Solutions agents for customers outside North America. They include a visual inspection of all welds and structural components as well as complete testing of the pneumatic system to ensure correct operation of all components. A complete report of findings, including recommended repairs and replacements, is provided. In addition to the inspections, Bricking Solutions offers two-day evaluations for customers within the continental U.S. that allow for overnight shipping of parts and installation by the technician, as well as additional employee training on setup, teardown and other key operations as time allows. Equipment inspections and recertification helps facilities and contractors remain compliant with regulations and provides assurance that equipment is safe and ready for operation. In situations where an on-site inspection isn’t feasible, a checklist is provided for in-house inspection, and Bricking Solutions technicians are available to walk operations through questions and parts ordering. Bricking Solutions offers parts inventory assistance to avoid unnecessary downtime and keep shipping costs down. A technician helps operations identify key wear parts for their specific units and advises on an appropriate inventory. Overnight shipping is available on most in-stock parts for orders received by 2 p.m. PST in the case of an emergency. However, keeping an inventory of key parts on hand allows customers to avoid unnecessary downtime for high-demand Bricking Solutions components crucial for machine operation. Some of these require manufactured elements with lead times up to two weeks. “Whether scheduled or unscheduled, having a kiln down for repairs costs facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in lost production,” Harding said. “This time sensitivity is why we developed a robust aftermarket service program to provide solutions before problems arise. Our team will work hard to ensure rapid delivery of parts in an emergency, but it’s always best to be prepared. Planning ahead can also save significantly on shipping costs.” In addition to inspection and parts, Bricking Solutions offers repair and refurbishment services. Evaluation is based on the machine, age and condition. It can include repairs or upgrades to the pneumatic system, frame, arch or deck panels, or safety features. Repairs with stock parts can be done on the jobsite as part of the equipment inspection process. For refurbishments services and any aluminum repairs, Bricking Solutions recommends service be conducted at its Monroe, Washington, headquarters to ensure new parts are properly manufactured to the specs of the original machine. Refurbishment might cost as little as $5,000 or as much as $30,000, depending on the condition of the machine, but can significantly extend longevity and ensure crew safety. LEARN MORE ABOUT AFTER SALES SERVICE OR CONTACT US ABOUT AFTER SALES SERVICE

Keep Bricking Along

Tips to Maximize Bricking Machine Longevity Refractory installation is a demanding application. Thankfully, Bricking Solutions has developed a full line of equipment to make the job easier — and safer — for crews. But harsh kiln environments still take a heavy toll on bricking machines and other equipment.

Bricking Machine Benefits for Improved Kiln Maintenance

Any mason will tell you, the key to effective refractory lining lies in quality brick installation. By minimizing air gaps and interlocking rings or loose bricks, the life of kiln lining is extended, and unscheduled or emergency maintenance can be drastically reduced, saving plants tens of thousands of dollars annually. To achieve high-quality installation as efficiently as possible, more and more refractory contractors are using bricking machines. These machines offer a variety of productivity- and safety-enhancing features over traditional methods.

Port-A-Trac Refractory Transport System Increases Efficiency and Safety

Bricking Solutions, a full solution provider of refractory installation equipment, offers its Port-A-Trac refractory pallet transport system for increased efficiency and safety during refractory installation applications. The Port-A-Trac offers customizable lengths and allows installation crews to transport full pallets of brick into the kiln and under the Bricking Machine easily and with minimal risk to workers, kiln or materials. The system increases material transport efficiency by more than 20%.

Sugar Producer’s Sweet Solution for Annual Maintenance

No matter the industry, annual maintenance can leave a sour taste. Keeping annual inspections and routine maintenance short and sweet is vital for overall efficiency — especially for operations like North America’s largest beet processing factory. So when the plant upgraded to a new 800-ton vertical lime kiln, it decided to look for an upgraded maintenance solution that would increase efficiency and decrease downtime. The sugar producer found sweet success with Bricking Solutions’ EZ Lift Suspended Platform.

Bricking Solutions’ New Rolling Work Platform Offers 25% More Productivity

Bricking Solutions, introduces its Rolling Work Platform for improved safety and efficiency during maintenance of horizontal vessels. The platform offers 25% increased productivity over traditional rolling scaffolds and features a durable, custom-engineered design. It is used in a variety of applications including water treatment, tunneling and mining.

The Benefits of Aluminum on Your Bottom Line

Kiln maintenance can take its toll on your bottom line. Plant managers need reliable, efficient maintenance methods to get back up and running quickly and minimize profit-stealing downtime. That requires using the right equipment — made from the best materials.

Reinforce Safety with Hydraulic and Incline Conveyors

Bricking Solutions, a full solutions provider in kiln refractory installation equipment, offers Hydraulic and Incline Conveyors to increase maintenance efficiency and reduce worker physical strain. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, these conveyors increase efficiency and safety, while minimizing damage to kilns and refractory materials during routine refractory maintenance.

Radialign Laser Alignment Device For Precise Refractory Alignment

Bricking Solutions, a full solution provider of refractory installation equipment, offers the Radialign Laser Alignment Device, which increases radial alignment accuracy during refractory install for longer brick life, minimized downtime and reduced mechanical stress on the kiln. The Radialign is part of Bricking Solutions’ full-service product offerings for refractory maintenance.

OEM Kiln Access Ramps: Why Partner with a Pro

OEM Kiln Access Ramps: Why Partner with a Pro Kiln access ramps are an important part of safe, efficient kiln maintenance. Producing one in-house may seem cost efficient but poor design and lengthy installation often end up costing more in the long run. Partnering with a specialized manufacturer offers added benefits such as a custom engineered design, easy installation and service options that result in a better return on investment.

Increase Worker Safety with Inspection Cages

Lightweight Safety Solutions Kiln repair and maintenance are undoubtedly hazardous tasks, but kiln operators can take steps to provide additional protection for workers. Safety Inspection Cages provide heightened protection keeping them out of harm’s way from debris that commonly falls as coatings shrink and expand. These cages are lightweight, easy to operate and conveniently pair with our Personal Protection Tunnels.

Kiln Access Ramps Offer 40 Percent Faster Installation Time

Bricking Solutions, a full solutions provider in kiln refractory installation equipment, introduces Kiln Access Ramps to provide safe and easy access for maintenance personnel and equipment.

Lightweight, High Capacity Bricking Machines

Bricking Solutions, a full solution provider of refractory installation equipment, offers the Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine. The largest version weighs 3,100 pounds (1,406 kilograms), making it one of the lightest

Revolutionizing Refractory, Brick by Brick

More than 50 years in the business has taught us what it takes to be industry leaders. We put the best of that knowledge into our Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine, the lightest, strongest and safest refractory installation

Work from the Bottom Up – Bedding Cart

Speed up bedding out larger kilns while providing a safe, ergonomic working deck with stair steps for higher brick placement. The Bedding Cart is a portable aluminum rolling deck with ergonomic steps to allow masons to bed the bottom of the kiln up to the spring line with ease.

Our NEW Universal Safety Inspection Cage

Introducing the NEW Universal Safety Inspection Cage. Here at Bricking Solutions, we took our 16 years experience of engineering and manufacturing Safety Inspection Cages and incorporated the latest safety and design concepts to create a Safety Inspection Cage that is still the safest in the industry, but only weighs 64 kg!

Not only the safest but also the smartest

Successful cement operations are more about finding new, efficient ways of doing the work in order to increase profits and outsmart the competition.

Is Your Brick Lining Machine The Safest In The Industry

Safety has been our focus here at Bricking Solutions since we started building Brick Lining Machines in 1967. For over 50 Years, Bricking Solutions has been designing and building the industry’s SAFEST brick lining machines.

Access is the First consideration in Kiln Maintenance

Each burn floor is unique and every configuration is different. Here at Bricking Solutions, we understand that and have built 200 Custom Kiln Access Ramps to plants all over the world. 

Small Size, Big Solution

Do you have a kiln 4M (13′) or smaller? Bricking Solutions has the right size bricking machine for your kilns from 4M all the way down to 1.5M.  Our newest addition to our Bricking Machine line

Evaluations – Keeping Your Equipment Outage Ready

It’s there, in the shadow of your kiln, waiting to be called upon to perform its one task – helping you quickly and safely reline your kiln. But, your Bricking Machine has been worked hard over the years and is a little beat up.

Without a Bridge Your Kiln is an Island

The scene is familiar.  Your crew steps onto the burn floor in preparation for kiln maintenance. The door is opened. The kiln is cooling down. The outage clock begins to tick.

Bricking Solutions Bricking Machine vs the Competition

BRICKING SOLUTIONS: Ergonomic Cut-out section in front arch – Allows key mason room and keying access to close out row. Load Capacity: Standard 4000kg (8000 lb): 2 pallets of brick plus workers and tools Optional 6000kg (13228 lb): 3 pallets of brick plus workers and tools Optional small kiln 2722kg (6000 lb):1 pallet of brick plus workers and tools

Bricking Solutions Arch Runaway Test

Whenever we manufacture a new design of one of our products, we put it to the test and come up with real, worst case scenarios that could happen. Here is a video of a runaway arch on a bricking machine. The test was very successful as you can see. Click here to watch the Video

Taking You to New Heights

Did you know that Bricking Solutions builds platforms for Isamelt Furnaces? Here is our recent order to Kansanshi Mining which includes a custom Ez Lift Suspended Platform built for 3 different sizes. Suspended by a trolley that spans the length of beams enables the platform to move into a different sections of furnace.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Today, working harder is not enough. Successful cement operations are more about finding new, efficient ways of doing the work in order to increase profits and outsmart the competition. You know that all too well.

The World Leader in Refractory Maintenance Products – It’s all we do.

We are the world leader in Refractory Maintenance Products and we have been manufacturing equipment for cement kilns since 1967.

Introducing our Newest Bricking Machine – The Ez Flexx50 – Lightest Machine In the Industry

It is with much pride that Bricking Solutions introduces their newest bricking machine, the EZFlexx50.

Bricking Machine Evaluation

Important questions about your machine to consider when doing your time line or chart for an outage are:

Kiln Safety – Protect yourself from falling coating

Bricking Solutions, Inc has been building Refractory Maintenance Equipment for over 40 years. It’s all we do.

Custom Aluminum Kiln Access Ramps

Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing Kiln Access Ramps for over 20 years and have built over 150 ramps to customer’s all over the world.

Hydraulic Conveyor for Material Handling

Bricking Solutions makes a wide variety of products for Refractory Maintenance. It is all we do. One product that we have been manufacturing for 15 years is our Hydraulic Conveyor System. 

Ez Lift Suspended Platform

We have designed and tested and re-designed for a new and improved Suspended Platform. Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing refractory maintenance products for over 40 years and the Suspended Platform is the Safest, most Effective work access in vertical vessels.

ThorLinings – Bricking Solutions Agent

Initially as a refractory installation company ThorLinings is also refractory supplier of the materials and new refractory installation technologies. The company is a continuation of their founders long experience in the refractory material supplies and refractory installation services. From the very beginning ThorLinings company has been developing the concept of SUPPLY & INSTALL.

Successful Bricking Solutions Training

We had a successful training at Bricking Solutions. Visitors from Holcim Trident – MT, Ash Grove Cement Leamington – UT, and Argos Cement Calera – AL were present. We went over replacing and trouble shooting parts on both our old MOR and our new Ez Flexx Bricking Machine as well as the new machines safety features and benefit.

Ultratech Rawan Kiln 2 Successful commissioning of their Kiln Access Ramp

Ultratech Cement Ltd, Rawan Plant, 10,000 tpd KHD Kiln 2 – Successfully commissioned their new Kiln Access Ramp.

Bricking Machine and Conveyors for VALE Oman Pelletizing Company

Successful Commissioning of Bricking Machine and Conveyors report for VALE Oman Pelletizing Company by MERTEC Middle East LLC.

We are the Industry Leader in Safety Inspection Cages

Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing Safety Inspection Cages and Personal Protection Tunnels for 15 years. We rigorously test all our cage designs and they meet industry safety standards.

100′ / 30M Personal Protection Tunnel for Nuh Cimento Sanayi A.S. Turkey

Thank You and Congratulations to Nuh Cimento Sanayi A.S. and Somer International – Turkey for their purchase of a 100′ / 30M long Personal Protection Tunnel.

USA Bricking Machine Evaluations

JULY SPECIAL This month we are offering a special for a Level 2 Bricking Machine evaluation. For every evaluation we will give a 10% discount on all parts used to fix your machine to manufacturers specs.

Maintenance Solution for Cement Plant Preheat Tower Vessels

Maintenance work in preheat tower vessels (cyclones, risers and pre-calcinator) is not only difficult and time consuming but can be a dangerous task.

Ramp Tunnel Cage System for Holcim El Salvador

The Ramp Tunnel Cage System is designed so that workers are protected from falling debris while Brokk demolition is taking place just inside the kiln. Thank you and Congratulations to Holcim El Salvador. 

Bricking Solutions Custom Bedding Cart

The Bedding Cart not only allows for the movement of bedding refractory as the bedding process progresses, but provides stair steps to facilitate the placement of refractory to or just above the spring line on larger kilns. Congratulations to Ultratech Cement – Kotputli Works for their new Custom Bedding Cart.

New Steel Fittings

Due to a change in the manufacturers’ process to reduce material in the fittings for cylinders and master valves we will be changing our fitting supplier. The new fittings will be steel and have a better collar for applying pressure to take out hose, a better swivel feature and a rubber washer instead of a metal washer.

New 508mm (20″) wide Hydraulic Conveyor for Cementos Yura, Peru

Bricking Solutions has been manufacturing hydraulic conveyors for over 10 years. These conveyors are great for transporting new refractory in and removing old refractory out. They are a perfect solution for limited access kiln when a fork lift is not able to go into the kiln.

Thank You and Congratulations to Shree Cement for the purchase of the Premium EZ Flexx Bricking Machine.

The Ez Flexx is a double arch brick lining machine that adjusts for kiln diameters ranging from 3.8M to 7.6M.Shree Cement of India, with the help of NV Techno Services Pvt Ltd, has purchased a new Premium Ez Flex Brick Lining Machine, Radialign Laser and a 20′ Steel Storage Container.

New Ramp and Load Fixture to Cement LLC Slantcy, Russia

Thank You and Congratulations to Cement LLC Slantcy Russia and Hoganas. Cement LLC purchased a new Kiln Access Ramp, Load Fixture loading device, Brokk outrigger support matting for the ramp and a Muck-it-Bucket. 

Vertical Lime Kiln Utilizes New Suspended Work Platform

A unique solutions to refractory maintenance on a vertical kiln, borrowing an example for the sugar industry.

J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc receive an Econ-O-Ring and 200′ Long Hydraulic Conveyor

Thank you J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc for your order of the Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine and the 12″ wide by 200′ long Hydraulic Conveyor system.

Work From the Bottom

Keith Post, Bricking Solutions, talks us through his wealth of experience on matters of proper refractory installation.

Bricking Solutions Port-A-Trac Delivery System for material handling within two 3.5m x 60m Acid Bake Kilns

CASE STUDY: Equipment: Port-A-Trac Description: The Port-a-Trac is a light-weight, aluminum, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick into small kilns where forklift access is limited. Location: Lynas Advanced Minerals Plant, Gebeng, Malaysia

Arabian Yemen Cement receives new custom Kiln Access Ramp

Arabian Yemen Cement Company Ltd received a new custom Kiln Access Ramp from Bricking Solutions. Congratulations on their order and thank you to Mertec Switzerland!

Torpedo Ladle Bricking Machine

Did you know we also manufacture custom brick lining machines for torpedo ladles? Our most recent custom machine was for Zapadno Sibirskiy Metallurgical Combinat – West Siberian Steel Works (ZSMK)  Russia.

Our Ez Lift Platform in Action

Custom platforms for Cyclones, Vertical Lime Shafts and BOF process furnaces

Cement LLC’s new Ramp and Load Fixture in Russia

Cement LLC in the Leningradskaya region of Russia became the fourth Russian Cement plant to upgrade to a 6061 T6 high strength aluminum kiln access ramp system for safe and efficient kiln access, while also becoming the first Russian plant to take advantage of the unique Bricking Solutions load fixture design for installation and removing the bridges section.

Shurovsky Cement, Holcim Russia, receives new Mini Econ-O-Ring Bricking Machine

Thank you and Congratulations to Shurovsky Cement, Holcim Russia in the Moscow Region and Hoganas AB Bjuf for their order of a new Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR)

All Bricking Machines are NOT Created Equal

Who is Bricking Solutions and why are our products better than the rest? Please watch our 2 minute video.

Personnel Protection Tunnel System and Safety Inspection Cage for Cimsa Cimento Sanayii – Kayseri and Mersin Plant

Bricking Solutions Personnel Protection Tunnel System provides a safe environment for workers from falling coating and brick inside your kiln.

Kiln Access Ramp for Lafarge Algeria – Ciment Blanc Algerien

Access into your kiln is one of the most crucial aspects of an outage. Having the right solution to bridge that gap is also very important. Bricking Solutions has been designing and manufacturing Kiln Access Ramps for over 20 years!

20″ wide Hydraulic Conveyor for Luopu TS Cement Company China

We have been manufacturing our hydraulic conveyor system for over 10 years.

New Safety Inspection Cages to ACC Limited Madukkarai and Chanda Works

Thanks you and Congratulations to ACC Limited Madukkarai Cement Works for their order of a new 2 Man Heavy Duty Inspection Cage and Chanda Cement Works for their order of two 4 Man Heavy Duty Inspection Cage. Thank you Indrex Pvt Ltd / The Consultants for all your hard work!

Premium EZ Flexx FDEOR Bricking Machine for Veolia Environmental Services Australia

Thank you and Congratulations to Veolia Environmental Services Australia for their new purchase of Bricking Solutions Premium EZ Flexx full range Bricking Machine, Radialign Laser and Fork Truck Bracket. Thank you Brokk Australia for your hard work!

Fork Truck Bracket   Utilizing a fork truck, you can easily transport a completed arch or set of machine frames in and out of kiln The use of a fork truck bracket enables the arch and frames to be moved without being disassembled, saving time during each use With arch turned parallel to fork truck and kiln, and bracket fully engaged on forks, front of arch leads fork lift wheels by approximately 10 feet (304.8cm) Safety Features designed into both standard and optional dual functionality Fork Truck Brackets include chains and hooks to secure arch to bracket, fork lift locks to secure bracket to forks, and locking pin to keep bracket in position. Dual Functionality Bracket designed to move bricking machine into the next refractory zone in the kiln.

Brick Lining Equipment for Ambuja Cement – Rabriyawas Works

Thank you and Congratulations to Ambuja Cement Limited – Rabriyawas Works for their order of a Premium Ez Flexx EOR Bricking Machine, Kiln Laser Target and Burner Alignment, and Fork Truck Bracket. Thank you also to The Consultants for your hard work!

Premium Ez Flexx EOR Bricking Machine for Zona Franca Argos Colombia

Thank you and Congratulations to Zona Franca Argos S.A. Colombia for their order of a new Premium Ez Flexx EOR Bricking Machine designed for a range of 4M – 5.25M – Thank you Remapril – Oficina Técnica Regional for your hard work!

Custom Ramp Tunnel Cage System for Titan Cement

Thank you and Congratulations to Titan Cement Company Greece for their new Ramp Tunnel Cage System and Refraconsulting for your hard work.

Safety Inspection Cages for Lafarge Algeria

Thank you and Congratulations to Lafarge Algeria and thank you to our agents ATC btp Industrie for all your hard work.

Brazilian Cement Market – By Bill Barraugh, President of Bricking Solutions

I just returned from a visit to Brazil with the purpose of updating or reviewing our efforts to break into the Brazilian Cement market with Bricking Solutions services and products. I found that the Brazilian market has many similarities and some differences to other country’s Cement markets.

The Mechanical Elephant in the Plant

With the economic downturn, the question cement plants are asking is: “How can costs be cut whilst still maintaining or improving efficiency?” The number one factor in achieving these goals is what can be done with current equipment. When internal kiln maintenance equipment is under the microscope, sometimes it is just as easy as having a machine inspected or audited.

Kiln Access Ramp and Ez Flexx Bricking Machine for Martin Marietta Specialties

Thank you and congratulations to York Lining International and Martin Marietta Specialties for their package order.

Proper refractory staging for efficient and safe refractory installation through safe and effective material handling

The number one reason for slow bricking times is slow supply of brick to the masons. Every plant has different obstacles such as: limited access, small burn floor, small kiln diameter, or the location of the job. Replacement of brick could be down in the cooler or way up in the intake section of the kiln. These are only a few of the many different examples of difficult supply demands. Whether you own our EZ FLEXX bricking machine, our old classic MOR or an off brand bricking rig we can help you make the use of your bricking machine more efficient with many material handling options.

2 Man Safety Inspection Cage for Adocim Cimento

Congratulations to Adocim Cimento Beton Sanayi Ve Ticaret and Thank You to Somer International for a new 2 Man Safety Inspection Cage custom designed for a 4.15M and a 4.4M kiln.

Refractory Installation Equipment Care

The following is an excerpt from our BBS Service manager, Stacey Rice, response to our agent’s service report and follow up request on how their customer can reduce maintenance costs

Bedding Cart for Mitsubishi Cement

Congratulations to Mitsubishi Cement – Lucerne Valley, CA for their purchase of a new Bedding Cart for their 16 ft kiln.

Modeling Quality

All of our products manufactured by Bricking Solutions are designed utilizing the latest solid modeling software.

Cemax Engineering Conference

Bricking Solutions was invited for a symposium in Malaysia by Jimmy Ooi and JL Ching of Cemax Engineering which was held in Kula Lumpur June 27th – 29th 2012.  They had over twenty in attendance from cement plants from around Malaysia, there was very good participation from the invited guest with questions and comments.

Basic EZ Flexx for CMS Clinker

Congratulations to CMS Clinker Sdn Bhd and Thank You to Cemax Engineering Sdn Bhd and Brokk Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd for their new Basic EZ Flexx Bricking Solutions bricking machine

Safety Inspection Cages for Lafarge Spain

Congratulations to Lafarge Spain and Thank you Anzeve for 3 Bricking Solutions Safety Inspection Cages.

Wintergrade Air Tool Oil

Why the need for this addition? There are several places in the world that get below 40 degrees F. during the course of the year.

Kiln Access Ramp for TXI Hunter Cement

Congratulations TXI Hunter Cement – Texas, USA and Thank You to Southern Refractories – Texas, USA for their order of a new Kiln Access Ramp.

Ramp and Bricking Machine Evaluation Program

Still going the through the doldrums of low cement demand that most plants in the North America market are experiencing!   Well, now is the time to take advantage of the time on your hands and be proactive for the next upswing in cement demand by making sure your refractory installation equipment is safe and ready to use.

Basic EZ Flexx Bricking Machine for Hail Cement Company

A special thanks to Chengdu Design and Research Institute (CDI) for ordering our Basic EZ Flexx Bricking Machine for Hail Cement Company in Saudi Arabia.

Turkish cement industry continues to grow even though to the global economic crises.

The clinker capacity exceeded 64 million ton and cement capacity exceeded 105 million ton in Turkey with 48 integrated plants and 20 grinding stations as of 2010. If we consider the figures of 2009, Turkey is the biggest cement producer in Europe and the 5th in the world.

Premium Ez Flexx Bricking Machine for Northern Region Cement

A big thank you to China national Building Material (CNBM) for ordering our Premium Ez Flexx Bricking Machine for Northern Region Cement in Saudi Arabia. 

Brick Management with a Port-A-Trac

This innovative brick transfer system is a supportive component adding efficiency, less worker fatigue, and improved brick management to the modern pneumatic bricking machine.  This smaller supportive component was designed a decade ago with the sole purpose of feeding brick to bedding and mason crews while utilizing only a maximum of two workers so brick management didn’t interfere with brick installation.

Re-joining with Tianjin Pfister

Bricking Solutions and Tianjin Pfister have re-joined forces. Tianjin Pfister has been appointed exclusive distributor for Bricking Solutions for China.

Radialign Laser Alignment Device

The purchase of a laser can be justified simply by the cost of lost brick due to improper radial alignment Lost brick also adds up to premature shutdown of the kiln and thousands of dollars in lost production The laser can be used to mark a large section of the kiln in about an hour The laser will precisely locate retaining rings and other high cost specialty refractory products The laser will give the kiln maintenance supervisor instant feedback and quality control The laser ensures that the bricking crew or bricking contractor has maintained proper radial alignment

New 40mm Cylinders

Why the need for this change?Since many of our customers have air quality and air volume issues we have decided to change to 40mm cylinders. These new cylinders will not only have the same hole spacing for installation as the 30mm cylinders but the new shafts will fit in either the new 40mm cylinders or the old 30mm cylinders so there is no need for us to carry more inventory.

PPT Trinidad Cement 11/07/2011 Case study

     “Within 24hrs I was inside the kiln. I installed the safety cages first. The safety cages are wide enough for me to plank off with 3/4″ ply board. I then installed the rig. The frame was just rolled in on the ply board and the rig was set up as normal. A good work crew of 8-10men was used on this job and within 3 hrs we were able to assemble everything”  – Alonzo Ramsaran Kiln Engineer

Kiln Bedding Cart

Tired of using spring boards or crates to install your refractory to spring line or in reality as high as gravity will allow when bedding your kiln? Take a look at a 21st century solution a custom bedding cart.

It’s Twins!

Bricking Solutions and her employees are proud parents of twin bricking machines capable of bricking from 3.8m kiln ID to 6m kiln ID. These talented machines not only adjust from 3.8m kiln ID to 6m kiln ID, but are able to adjust easily in the kiln on the fly to make bricking though tapers and conical sections a breeze.

Incline Transport Conveyor

Bricking Solutions has a new product! Our Incline Conveyor transports refractory from the kiln floor to the bricking machine work platform.

Largest Machine Ever

Bricking Solutions is delivering the largest fully adjustable EZ FLEXX bricking machine ever built to LKAB mining located in Kiruna, Sweden.  This machine will have a range of 5.5m to 7.5m to work in their two 5.5-6.1m kilns, their 6.7m kiln and their 6.8-7.5m kiln, with the ability to adjust through the conical sections on the fly taking only minutes for each adjustment.

Lubricator Filter System

Bricking Solutions now has a protective cover for our lubricator filter system, this new cover will come standard on all new premium bricking machines. It will also be available as a retrofit for all machines in the field.

Improving Kiln Uptime

The kiln is considered the heart of a cement plant and its performance happens to be the deciding factor for the total profitability of the plant.

Bedding Cart

Bricking Solutions knows that efficient handling of refractory can make or break a relining project. The Bedding Cart not only allows for the movement of bedding refractory as the bedding process progresses, but provides stair steps to facilitate the placement of refractory to or just above the spring line on larger kilns.

Pass Thru Trolley

The Pass Thru Trolley allows a full pallet of refractory / brick to be placed onto the bricking rig from the down kiln end by a forklift, and then the pallet can be moved under the arch to the up kiln end where it can be easily accessed.

Bolt together Bricking Rig for a furnace with limited access

It is always gratifying to receive a message like the one below. Bricking Solutions lived up to its name by solving a limited access issue (48” man access port) along with the challenge of furnishing a large adjustable machine for multiple diameter (16” and 19” Brick I D), multi brick layer cylindrical furnace in a Sulfuric Acid Generation Process.